For years, mainly in class, I enjoyed sketching and drawing in slight rebellion of the traditional learning process.  I always did well in my art classes from elementary school on; never thought I would do much with it.  After high school, I was swayed by the old mindset to jump into school just to get it out of the way.  I did not know what I was doing or what I would be doing. I stayed a year and left to make myself more available for a traditional work schedule.  I found joy in embroidery, the creative logos, the command of running those logos, and a whole lot of color fun!  I am still running machines, enjoying what I can of the industry I have been in for 6 years now.  Well the experience has been nice but the exposure to the other side of the industry has driven me back into school to study just that: design!  I dealt with printed t-shirts from time to time and fell in love with the designs.  Also, with my band I handled all the merchandise, which further exposed me to design that showed the potential of the field.  In 2008, I finally got my hands on some software to start working with which opened countless doors.  Since then I have come along way from my start in QuarkXPress on PC converting entirely over to Mac (personal preference) and Adobe products.  I have had the privilege of working with my church as well as friends on numerous projects.  My long-term aim is to become a freelance designer working for myself but I would like to start off working for a design firm soon after school if I cannot handle an internship before.  For now I will stick with school and small projects here and there.  But I intend to update this blog with personal projects and those with the Motion Ink name.

Thank you; stay tuned!


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