Red Hood

I was recently approached with a design project from a good friend for his wrestling team.  He handed me a piece of construction paper with some text and a hand drawn head shot of Red Riding Hood, similar to the one above.  He asked if I could transfer this into a shirt design with the tag line “What Sharp Teeth.” This was my first time approaching Illustrator with a scan and trace project. Needless to say I was stoked!

I have found myself ogling artwork that has been transferred digitally and traced in Illustrator.  When I was approached with this project I was more than anxious to get into the program and start the vector tracing.  I have fallen in love with the work of Keeley Carrigan amongst other Illustrators I have been recently browsing and discovering.  Sketching is a necessity for me, in that, as much digital work as I can do I still need an organic outlet from time to time.  However I find myself dragging my sketchbook around without ever opening it.  As the New Year approaches, everyone begins to talk more and more about resolutions, which I never take part in (I think it is pointless!).  Though this year I am approaching, with great caution, the thought of challenging myself to sketch more than ever starting this New Year!  With this, I also hope to invest in and form a style that I enjoy and possibly find client interest in this area.  And in the process I may be able to explore what it’s like to be an illustrator.


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