My name is Brent Reese. I am attending Chattahoochee Technical College in Marietta, pursuing an associate degree in Visual Communications. I lance freely as a graphic designer, under the business name Motion Ink Design. I plan to promote and keep those interested up to date with the work I will be undertaking at any given time. My love for design started in my band back in 2007. I handled the printing and all the artwork for the shirts. I had no idea where to begin. I started out with a PC and Quark Xpress, which I “borrowed” from work.

In early 2008, I started on my current Mac setup with the purchase of a MacBookPro after getting familiar with Mac on a Powerbook the 6 months prior. I first picked up a copy of Illustrator CS3 and Photoshop CS3 and thus began my venture in design.

this blog

This blog will be the major promotion arena for my work whether it be personal projects or work for clients. I will also from time to time post things from my personal life whether it be stories or personal life lessons that I would like to share(there is no reason this should be all business). I also hope to keep a record of everything I am doing in hopes that it will note my progress not only in skill of programs and knowledge but also the evolution of my work and capability I possess as an artist!

motion ink design

This venture is my first official attempt to promote myself as a full pledged designer. I am very excited to see where it may go! At the moment I am in school managing all my work there and working entirely out of my apartment.


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